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  • This bottle conditioned cider made according to traditional methods ferments first in the vat and then in the bottle on its lees. The result is a smooth cider, without added sugar, as well as having a slight natural effervescence. The uniqueness of this unfiltered cider makes it one of our most sought-after products.

    With hints of quince, pear, yellow peach as well as hints of fresh pastries, each mouthful of cider is an authentic experience. Its golden yellow colour seduces the eye and its natural effervescence awakens the taste buds. The culmination of quality ingredients, delicate bubbles and the presence of tannins makes this cider a true indulgence.

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  • Our orchards grow a variety of apples rare in Quebec. The blends we choose allow us to make a fresh cider according to the traditional method, with a hint of bitterness in its finish. The natural effervescence is obtained using a second fermentation in the bottle which results in a unique product.

    The cider is clear and pale gold in colour with a particular nose and is perfectly balanced. How can one not be seduced? The crisp flavour of this cider reveals notes of fresh apples, honey, and dried flowers with a touch of dried herbs and is followed by an elegant effervescence.

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  • Winner of the silver medal in 2019 at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, this cider is produced from a blend of English cider apples. A hint of maple syrup is then added during a second fermentation which results in a long-lasting finish in the mouth.

    Displaying a yellowish colour with gold specks, this cider offers aromas of hot apple pie with hints of mocha and burnt caramel. Full bodied in nature, this cider balances the subtleties of the fruit and the maple syrup, delivering character and a memorable long-lasting finish.

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  • This farmhouse cider fermented on its lees is a beverage with no equal. The maceration of cider apples with red fleshed apples allows the softening of the tannins as well as giving it its magnificent orange colour. The traditional method of keeving process is used to naturally purify/clarify the cider of the suspended particles which it contains. The remaining liquid is slowly fermented at low temperatures with indigenous yeasts for a duration of 3 to 4 months. The residual sugars are bottled with the cider and finish fermenting in the bottle. The result being an authentic dry cider lightly effervescent, with zero yeasts or sulphites added. A small deposit can form in the bottom of the bottle.

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